It Comes In Waves

At some moments life seems almost overwhelming to me. There is no crisis for me to immediately attend to and no one I love is in immediate danger.

There is no reason for me to feel this distress that has engulfed my entire being.

But yet, I can’t shake it.

I tell myself that this feeling is not me, it is just a feeling. This all sounds good in theory, but when you are actually in the situation, it’s nothing but a good joke.

My mind plays games with me that I have yet to find the directions to. The pieces on the board move forwards, backwards, back to the start of the game. I keep spinning this wheel not knowing what the outcome will be. Three places forward, five steps backwards.

Today seemed like one of those backwards days.

And I’m starting to learn that’s okay. Because not every day will be awesome. Some days will really, really suck. That is all the more reason to look forward to a new day.

So I will continue to spin the wheel.

Spinning the wheel is unpredictable, risky even, but it’s no fun to just stay stuck in my square. I will continue to get out of my comfort zone; unaware of where I will land on the board.

Because that’s what games are all about–Taking risks and having fun along the way.



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