I’m Doing This For Me

Lately I’ve been writing a lot less.  Spring semester is overwhelming and it feels as if my days are just check lists. When I think about writing I think about how clouded with business my mind is. I have felt like I have to write the perfect thing, make the most sense and reach the most audience that I can. I have lost sight of just doing something I love to do, just for the sake of loving it. I don’t blog for anyone else except for myself.

I am starting a new intention for each day.  I will say things, do things, write things, paint things, because thats what I want to do.

I won’t paint for the audience, I will paint for the joy it brings me. I think all too often I get too caught up on what others will think of me. I worry if I do a project with my whole soul in it, and someone dislikes it/disagrees with it, then I will have given my soul in vain. But I am learning that this is a lie I tell myself in fear of breaking out of my comfort zone. I am not writing what I write for others, I am doing it for myself.

So what if I put everything I have into a project and I don’t get the reaction I was thinking I would from someone else. I care about what I think about what I make and I create far more than another person’s opinion of it. I steal happiness from myself when I let others dictate how I feel about my work and my mind. Only I know my intention and only I have the final say on what is thought about something I make.

Do what makes you happy. Follow whatever inspires you. Make the best out of every situation you are in. It could just change your life.

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