Grow where you are planted

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing seems to change, but then looking back nothing is the same? Life is funny like that.

In middle school I wanted to be in high school. In high school I wanted to graduate and go to college.

Here I am in my junior year of college. Wow, time goes by quickly. Freshman year seems distant but also like a fresh memory.  Pretty soon I will be graduated and supporting myself.

I grow everyday, I am not the same person I was even yesterday. Everyday you have a choice to start over and be better than you were the day before; to make better decisions and impact others in a positive way.

I have learned that growing is a slow process. Nothing comes easy. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds I can guarantee you it is not going to happen in a day. It takes dedication to go to the gym, to eat healthier options, and to get enough sleep. Growing as an individual is the same way.

Take baby steps. You don’t have to jump hurdles right away. Because right now you may think nothing in your life is changing, one day you will look back and see how nothing is the same.

Live in the moment.

The present is the only thing that you have.


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